Birthday Etiquette?


Recently I celebrated my 23rd birthday on the 22nd! I never was one to be overly excited about birthdays but this year was a special birthday for me. I think it’s because of the timing in my life and how I feel I’m the best I’ve ever been (look back at my new years’ post to see what I’m referring to!). One big factor that made this birthday so special was that I was very lucky to spend it with a group of amazing friends that care about one another. I met most of these people in the later half of my university years but they quickly became friends that I know I will keep for the rest of my life. It’s also nice to spoil each other on our birthdays too!

birthday-etiquette-03Enough of this sappy sentimental stuff now, I actually have a question for you guys! When you celebrate birthdays, do you as the host treat everyone or should you let your guests treat you? This was a concept I was confused about when I went out to celebrate my friends’ birthdays and even when hosting mine. When we were little (I’m talking like grade 2 or 3 here) it was obvious to treat our friends’ out to a game of glow in the dark mini golf or laser tag. However now that we’re older, things are a little different (especially our tastes of where to celebrate). I’m not sure if it is more of an Asian tradition, but I noticed that for Asians it’s common to let your guests treat you out to dinner. Recent birthdays I’ve attended though, the host from a westernized country treated everyone. Have you encountered similar situations?


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I discussed this with a few of my friends to see what they thought. My westernized friends said that they always treat everyone but they also anticipate a gift (although not mandatory). I thought that was an interesting but fair way to look at it. My friends from Asian countries said they would plan a night out, but usually their friends would pay for them. Of course there’s the few that don’t fall into either side and just want to have a good time with everyone and worry about payment when the time comes.

I guess it boils down to what you want to do in the end! This was just a topic that hasn’t struck me until as of late so I’m just interested to see if it leans towards a cultural difference or just personal preference.

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