Everything Will Be Alright

Hope everyone’s year is starting on a good note! As you know, it’s that time of the year when people reflect on how the previous year was and think about how to make this coming year better. I’m not really the type of person that makes resolutions a big deal, rather I like to think of them more as the kind of attitude I want to have throughout the year. Yes goals are important but whether it’s being more active or trying out new activities, I think the attitude you channel really affects the outcome.

everything-will-be-alrightOne personal attitude I’ve been thriving on is ‘everything will be alright in the end, so don’t worry’. I used to always be the kind of person to stress out about everything – grades, work, where I’m going to be in 5 years. One day I realized I’m not happy living like this. As soon as I let things go and changed my attitude, my life has turned around for the better. I was much happier, feeling as if a load has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m not saying to just lose yourself and not care about anything; of course hard work is important! However life is too short to be worrying about everything all the time, especially things of the unknown. So why worry?

This year I want to keep that attitude but also add the attitude of ‘not giving up’. There are so many opportunities for us here in the city. Those opportunities can come in work, travel, hobbies, sports, and even relationships. Just because you feel a slight discomfort or doubt doesn’t mean you should turn your back on it right away. It can be scary but it’s called an opportunity for a reason! I feel like I lost many chances in the past because of feeling discomfort or letting my shy personality get in the way. This year I want to be more confident and take these opportunities head on.

Easier said than done right? That’s with anything though, resolution or not. Sometimes we let the best of us get us or doubt these attitudes or mentality won’t work in ‘the real world’. We might lose sight of who we want to be or the things we want to accomplish because of how things might be around us. Even if that is the case, I hope you keep striving to achieve your goals (whatever they might be!) and make this year the best one yet. After all, everything will be alright in the end!