A Warm Tummy Is A Happy Tummy

Soup, stews, noodles, and everything in between- that’s all I seem to be thinking about lately! People say 食欲の秋 (shokuyoku no aki – autumn is for eating) but in my case I think it should also be 食欲の冬, the winter version. I’m just going to blame my sudden increase of appetite on the lack of food I was consuming the week I was sick… Or that I’m prepping myself for the cold. Besides, what better way to warm yourself up than with a piping hot bowl of heart warming goodness?

With that being said, I went out and warmed myself up to a bowl of kalkuksu from Myungdong Kalkuksu Noodles and Shabu Shabu. This place is located right in front of my old high school uptown so it brought back some memories of hanging out with friends. It was also featured in our February issue of TORJA (which we hope you guys enjoyed!!).


Giant Dumplings!


Amazing Kimchi

It’s a very simple restaurant with not many options, mostly just noodles, shabu shabu, and dumplings. They even have Chinese and Japanese translations on the menu that can be helpful! I ordered a bowl of kalkuksu (noodles with veggies in soup) and my friend ordered the dduk mandu gook (dumplings in soup). Both were very good and not too salty! The noodles lacked toppings but were the right amount of chewy and the broth was delicious. The dumpling soup was very comforting and came with three large dumplings and a few rice cakes. The side of kimchi is one of my top favourites out of the different Korean restaurants I’ve been to. When you get bored of the soup, you can spice things up by dipping the kimchi in it. The only complaint I would have of this place is that I wish they had more side dishes.


Giant Dumplings!


Don’t know which I like better

We didn’t order it this time but the plate of dumplings is a must try! They’re made fresh everyday and can be easily taken home. Just beware that they are HUGE and will leave your breath smelling like garlic for the rest of the day (or two…).

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