Happy New Year 2015

How was your holiday? My holiday was relaxing and fun meeting family and friends that I haven’t had much chance to meet!

About my Christmas, I had a belated Christmas party with my family and friends. It was a healthy dinner unlike normal Christmas dinner. (A lot of people may want to take a healthy break after pigging out on the holiday season…)
My sister in-law made a stuffed pepper with rice and beans, topped with cheese, a fresh salad and nachos! In fact, I’m not big fan of peppers, but I actually enjoyed the taste of stuffed peppers.  And I must not forget, desserts! Gluten free cookies with strawberries Christmas icing decorations and cheesecakes. One of my new year’s resolutions, as always after eating a lot, will be going to the gym more frequently!



For my new year’s eve, I went out to a night club called The Garrison to celebrate the new year with my friends. The event was called CHRONOLOGIC NEW YEAR’S EVE 2014. Music from 1890 to 2014, played in chronological order. Ringin’ in the New Year with a dance party through the ages. It was very cool to hear many kinds of music from old times. It was also a nice environment for all ages, not too aggressive! I wish I had some pictures to show, but it’s important to be safe at a night club! Bring minimal stuff with you! After drinking and dancing, you are sloppier and sloppier…you may not be able to keep an eye on your belongings and unfortunately, night clubs are one of the highest chance places to have your valuables stolen.

What I liked about this club is that there are two separated rooms, a bar and a dance floor. Usually there is no way to have conversation once you enter the night club, but this place has a place to talk and rest. The place has a lot of weekly themes, so you might find your favourite coming up on their website.

The Garrison

I hope everyone enjoyed the spirit of the new year and I wish you a great 2015!