Pringles! (not the chips)


Get ready for some Pringles and Hana! For the past 2 weeks my cousin’s dog Pringles came over to stay while her family was away in Italy for a baton competition. Pringles is a rat terrier that was rescued from an abusive family. My cousin’s family picked her up from an animal shelter and now she’s living a very happy life. We don’t know her exact age but the vet assumes she is around 8 years old (just like Hana).



Pringles and Hana are for the most part good friends. They’re happy to see each other whenever they meet, but that usually only lasts a few minutes. For most of the visit they kind of ignore each other… not really sure what their deal is.




pringles-not-the-chips-01In terms of personality, Hana is a lot more like a human, as in she’s very calculative and if she thinks you are too loud or annoying she will not want to have anything to do with you. She’s still very lovable though! Pringles on the other hand is the definition of a dog; loyal, loving, and always wanting to play. When I say always, I mean always. She tires the humans out and causes a ruckus even at 11pm!